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I offer a variety of weekday and weekend shifts to hopefully be appealing for people with other commitments (i.e. school, another job, family needs, sports and other activities), for both my PCA and nurse positions. I like to say that this is a flexible opportunity in the sense that you get to somewhat choose your schedule as long as you meet the minimum scheduling requirements. You can also request a set schedule.

I staff caregivers around the clock every day of the week.

For PCA positions, some people prefer longer shifts of 16-24 hours to maximize the number of hours while working less days. But you can work shifts as short as 4-hours.


You can choose a monthly schedule where you sign-up for shifts the month before. You would typically be able to get between 8-40 hours a week depending on your availability; and if you’re willing to work longer shifts, sometimes more. A set schedule can also be arranged.

Some weekends are required. Hours on holidays are required and I try to make it fair for everyone. These needs are discussed closer to holidays.

I am relatively flexible with times, so let's discuss your availability!

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