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  • Starting wage of $15.25/hr for PCA

  • Potential for raise to $16.75/hr within 30-45days and Potentially $500 in stipend bonuses for PCA

    • Within 30 days if you have a CNA, HHA, license or one year of direct care experience  

  • Raise to $19-20/hr in January 2024

  • Potential for a $200 hiring bonus after 30-days

  • Potential $4500 bonus for students after 30-weeks

  • Potential eligibility for free college tuition 

  • Flexible monthly scheduling 

  • Holiday pay for seven holidays  

  • PTO (earn 1 hour for every 30 hours worked)

  • Overtime opportunities 

  • No previous experience required for PCA

  • No certification required for PCA

  • Great experience for health, medical, social work and special education students 

  • Gain knowledge and experience with various medical needs and conditions 

  • Learn person-centered practices 

  • Eligible for personalized letter of recommendation after 9 months of consistent employment 

  • Cuddle and play with two sweet small dogs!

  • Go out to concerts, movies and other social opportunities 

  • Time for studying, bingewatching, reading, etc

  • Learn and enhance cooking and cleaning tips and tricks 

  • Learn and enhance organization skills 

  • Learn and enhance beauty and fashion skills 

  • Learn to be creative and think outside of the box

  • Learn and enhance your ability to be fearless and to live unlimited 

  • Occasional travel opportunities in and outside of MN

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